Oculus Touch may be the best VR controller till now

As planned, Oculus Touch will be officially released on December 6, selling at$ 200. Oculus claimed that Oculus Touch will be compatible with 53 games.


Oculus Touch is a set of VR controller to trace users’ hands position and locate positions by fingers under 3D space. With the acceptance of Oculus Touch among consumers, Wall Street Journal evaluated Oculus Touch and spoke highly of it. It claimed Oculus Touch is the best VR control till now.

Oculus Rift is an interesting VR helmet, however, it is imperfect. One can go into the 360┬░view virtual world, however, he can not touch anything until the release of Oculus Touch. And it released ten excellent games for Oculus Rift as well.Though Oculus Touch is released a bit late than its rivals, it is still considered as the best VR controller.

Before that, Oculus Rift apps and games are controlled by remote controller Xbox One gamepad included in the helmet suit. They have limits to apply Oculus Rift. With Oculus Touch, Oculus Rift can trace your hands positions and movements. There are trigger, joystick and buttons on Oculus Touch for the application. Its performance is better than HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

It is compatible with 53 games and apps. It may add more next year. Oculus Touch also has its demerits. It is hard to get higher levels in VR Sports Challenge. The best Oculus games are Edge of Nowhere, Eve Valkyrie and Dirt Rally with the assistance of Xbox controller.

To experience Oculus Touch, you need to pay extra $200 besides the cost of Oculus Rift and its supported device. You may need to purchase some games every now and then.

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