How Aliyun competes with Microsoft, Amazon and Google if it explores international market?

Aliyun is busy in making plans for the layout of 2017 market though there are still a few months left of 2016. Aliyun announced on November 21 at Dubai that it will start building data centers in Europe, Middle East, Japan and Australia soon.


To explore the oversea markets are the wishes of Chinese entrepreneurs. The internationalization is also a mission public cloud though it is a international business itself. The setup of Aliyun in oversea markets means that Chinese cloud computing publishers plan to compete with international technologies in those in international cloud markets.

To those Chinese tech companies, the biggest challenge of internationalization is scientific and technological strength. To public cloud publishers, their scientific and technological strength is the guarantee of success to achieve internationalization.

Aliyun made new record at Sort Benchmark 2016. Sort Benchmark announced that Aliyun won the first prizes of CloudSort Indy and CloudSort Daytona with $1.44/TB on November 10. It broke the record of $ 4.51/TB which AWS made in 2014. In 2015, Aliyun participated GraySort and MinuteSort held by Sort Benchmark and broke four records.

Aliyun has data centers in West of United States, East of United States, Singapore and Hong Kong. It evens set up overseas business headquarter in Singapore. With the access of Aliyun provided in Europe, Middle East, Japan and Australia, Aliyun’s computational nodes will increased to 14 so that provide more storage, security, middleware, huge data and AI products for overseas consumers.

The international cloud market develops sharply. IDC statistics showed that the revenue of international cloud market will reach $141 billion by 2019. Gartner also predicted that the charactered cloud market based on IaaS, PaaS and SaaS of 2015 would reach to $ 52.24 billion.

The major oversea markets of Aliyun are Japan, Europe and United States. American cloud market in 2015 accounted for 56.5% of international market share.

Aliyun will meet challenges from cloud products of other tech giants worldwide. The cooperation with localized tech companies is a good way to speed up the internationalization.

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