Google Play Music is modified with better performance

Google Play Music, Google’s streaming music service, has been modified with better performance which can predict what songs that users wish to listen.


Google released its upgrade version of Play Music on Monday. It is featured with a new function that predicts next song which users wish to listen.

In fact, Google feels positive towards the veracity of Play Music. When users click on Play Music and start listening, it will recommend users a suitable playlist based on time, location, and all kinds of elements.

Google claimed that it embedded this feature for Play Music through deep learning technology. Google integrated many services with deep learning, such Google Photos and Google Assistant. According to Google’ plan, it will embed AI and deep learning to all of its products.

Play Music needs to take time to learn users’ habbit. The more it learns, the more accurate songs that Play Music will recommend to its users. Elias Roman, chief of Play Music, claimed that the recommendation list of Play Music will be more accurate a few days after application.

It is when the streaming music market faces intense competition that Google embeds deep learning technology to Play Music. Google did not reveal how many subscribed users that Play Music has so far. Spotify and Apply revealed they respectively have 40 million and 17 million subscribers. Amazon just released its subscribed streaming music service. Besides Play Music, Google will debut another subscribed music service with the help of YouTube.

Besides embedding deep learning technology, the charging standard of Play Music is $ 9.99.

Google will upgrade newest Play Music on iOS and Android and release webpage service of Play Music.

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