Facebook will offer free games trusted by third party game developers

The media noted that there are users playing games on Facebook. Facebook claimed that users spent about 15% of time which they surfed internet to play games on Facebook.com.


It surprised the public that Facebook mobile version does not serve games, users download them through App Store or Google Play.

Facebook announced on Tuesday this situation would be changed soon. It will release a product named Instant Games so that users can play PacMan and Words with Friends on Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

It is not a fresh thing to Facebook concerning this content trusteeship. It used to make attempts by taking advantage of webpage file and ads. The key of success is to attract users to stay on Facebook applications and services. If the provided Facebook content is the one that users wish to spend time on mobile, Facebook is getting close to success.

The trusteeship of third party games on Facebook platform will contribute a lot to operators. They may obtain a huge potential users group. Facebook has 1.8 billion existing users and Facebook Messenger has over 1 billion users.Users don’t need to download games on Facebook which may contribute to users growth.

The games trusted by operators on Facebook meant that they would give up some potential revenue. Instant Games will not charge any fees from users when they download or play games. Facebook won’t allocate ads in games and plug in shopping app.

In brief, any developers can promote their games on Facebook platform. However, they can’t make profit. If users swift from developers apps to Facebook to play games, operators even lost a proportion of revenue let alone make profit.

The simple solution is Facebook provides ads in games and share out bonus with developers.At that time, game developers may be afraid that Facebook gains more users.
Instant Games will offer some free games in the beginning. Facebook and Facebook Message will add a hub of Games so that users can find Instant Games easier.

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