Allen Adham comes back to Blizzard after 12 years’ absence

To fans of Blizzard, they knew more about game developers, specially Mike Morhaime, Blizzard CEO. Chri Metzen, ex vice president who retired from company this autumn, is also familiar to public. His Blizzard games which created in past 20 years impressed the public much.


However, there are three co-founders of Blizzard. One of them hasn’t showed up in the public for a long time, that is Allen Adham. He decided to come back to Blizzard where he left for over 10 years.

Allen Adham always wishes to develop games. He started learning code with his friend, Brian Frago, in high school. He went to UCLA to learn computer science after he graduated from high school. He interned in Interplay and did par-time game developing for many other companies. He participated in the development of many famous games, such as Demon’s Forge, Mindshadow and Global Commander.

The former name of Blizzard was Silicon & Synpase. Frank Pearce claimed that Allen is the founder of Blizzard, not one of co-founders. Mohaime said it was Allen who recruited Frank and him, there would be no Blizzard without Adham.

It was a small company when the company was established. Morhaime, Pearce and Adham needed to edit code for games by themselves. Adham was also responsible for starting business and making final decisions on each of game.

They released The Death and Return of Superman on the same year when they renamed the company as Blizzard. It was the fifth game they made and an important turning point to the company. After then, they continuously developed some other great games.

Allen Adham left Blizzard in 2004 as he planned to spend more qualify time with his family. Morhaime said they are always good friends. They feel happy if Allen Adham will come back to Blizzard. With their perfect cooperation, they may develop more fantastic and amazing games in the future.

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